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Just returned from 26 days in the USA

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Just returned from 26 days in the USA

Hello all, and a special hello to Fani, Hanneke,  Penny, Dan loves Zebra;s, Cerinthe and you all more that i ever chatted to.

I was was in the opportunity to visit the USA for 4 weeks in the south west section.  I have visited so many beatifull seeings such as : Grand Canyon , Valley off Fire , Death Valley, and so much more!

We had really beatifull rooms ( 2 with connecting inner doors) at the Tropicana @ Las Vegas. really beauty rooms!!!

I gambled away 97 dollars in 3 weeks ( isnt to bad??)

I travelled with a friend that  i am familiair now for over as 40 years and all went out great! When we arrived at the airport the Tom-Tom was set on a wallmart and so we did go and arrived .. we bought 2 water boiling pots , bread, apple pie, cheese, orange duice, Cola Diet, and much more,, the total account for that day was 161$

From the wallmart we went to the hotel ( Tropicana) and we were so pleased with the rooms we got!  also a very warm wlcome from a guest manager was in the room.. it was great!

From the rooms we had an overview on the strip looking at NYNY, Paris, Paris MGM and so muh more  ( we were on floor 20)

I Know there is africam wildlife out there   I KNOW  i havent forgotten..

Take Care you all












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Ow... Lat but least i forgot to mention Kati ( Katip) who is so much special to me!

So here is  a special Hello To Katip!


Iceage (not verified)
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Oh Noblos.... were are you and how is the Noblos baby dooing Currently?

She was the most beautifull baby i ever seen!






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