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Just wanted to say hi

Hi, So glad I found this website. It has had me and my two boys completely absorbed for the past couple of days. They are two and four. The four-year-old was a little concerned the lions could see us and was scared in case they could somehow cause him some serious harm, but I think I eventually put his mind at ease.

I love South Africa and would move there in a heartbeat if I could. We spent our honeymoon at Madikwe River Lodge, Makweti, Ants Lodge and Grootbos - even having our lodge burnt down at the latter by none other than the lads from Jackass while they were filming their animal documentaries (dressing as seals in Shark Alley).

 Anyway, just wanted to say hi while the cams are down.

 All the best to everyone,


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Hello Matt: What a treasure to share your time with the little ones looking at Africam NK.





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Welcome to Africam!

LadyHawk (not verified)
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Hello again and welcome to Africam! Glad to see you are enjoying the sights and sounds that have become such a huge part of many of our lives here. I too have been enchanted by Africa and have it on my list of things I must see in my lifetime. You are so lucky to have experienced it first hand! Hopefully the cams will come back up soon...  :(  If you haven't already, check out the newest  pictures of the lioness that have been added to the streaming cam sighting thread, very cool!!


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Hello from ILLINOIS.  I am totally absorbed and addicted also.  My 7 year old and 3 year old are too.  Can't seem to get to bed at night.


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