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Karin and others at Nkorho, we need bird ID help please

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Karin and others at Nkorho, we need bird ID help please

I hate posting this here, but, Karin if you read this we're hoping you and others will look at the Bird ID thread in the All About Birds Forum here. We had two birds that looked new to us and we're struggling over their ID's. We would greatly appreciate hearing from you and others at the lodge to see what you think the two different birds were.

Here's a link to the Bird ID thread's last page:

There's also a second thread there about the possible Lizzard Buzzard mentioned.

Thank you for looking at it.

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Thank you so much for your input regarding the Lizzard Buzzard. There was a second bird spotted that day, a finch or canary-like bird, also in the Bird ID thread, and we would greatly appreciate more Landi eyes and input to try and ID that one too :)

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Here is a link to the post with the picture:

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