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Kill sequence with vultures

Displacement by numbers (cheetah and vultures).
Wildlife democracy? The will of the people? Well the old adage “unity is strength” certainly appears to be an appropriate caption to this very interesting set of images. A single or two or three vultures would never have the audacity to try and chase a cheetah off it’s kill but as shown in theses images succeed, by sheer force of numbers in intimidating the cheetah and putting it to flight. Clockwise: the cheetah is feeding on it’s kill, becomes uneasy at the approach of the vultures, is intimidated by the “advancing hordes” to the point where it runs off to leave what remains of it’s prey to the voracious masses. Vultures are fiercely competitive around carcasses, often engaging in fights with one another over food. It is interesting to see in this instance that they have co-operated with one another to gang up on the cheetah and to displace it from it’s kill.