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KNP 2013 - 30 September 2013 A Very Special Sighting

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KNP 2013 - 30 September 2013 A Very Special Sighting


30 September, 2013

It rained for most of the night.  Not heavy,  but nice, soft soaking rain.  The kind that lulls you to sleep.  Even though there was some early rains, the ground looks very parched and this is welcome.  We are up and about by 5:30 and breakfasted on coffee, rusks, muesli, bananas and stewed fruit and custard yoghurt.

The scenery around here is really nice and because the road to camp is private for residents only, we have 18km, almost to ourselves.  In the past we haven't had great sightings here and did not expect too much given how wet it is.  This will be the first full day in the park and we are still enjoying the "newness" of everything.  When the hubby stopped and backed up I thought he had seen an impala.  It wasn't an impala, it was a lion!  We are barely a mile  from the camp and here he is, lying about 50 yards into the bush, looking fine. After sitting with him for about 10 minutes we said "go on, roar. "You know you want to".  So he did. Coolest thing ever, the day is made and the coffee is still warm in the cups Laughing

I made a video of him roaring.  It's not great and I can see I didn't have the settings right because he doesn't sound as loud as he was , but you get the jist.  He blew our socks off and we were delighted.

ROAR - click here

A Very Special Sighting

At some point during the day we came around a corner and saw this

We squeezed through,  and were very fortunate to see a rhino relocation in action.  Two rhinos, a mum and a calf had been darted and were in the process of being loaded into crates, and onto a big truck.


As we pulled up we could hear the baby making those familiar noises and mum was squealing.   Both rhino had their eyes covered and it was only a matter of minutes before they were on their feet, and, docile as lambs, led into the crates.  We had a front row seat and couldn't believe our luck.  The ranger explained everything that was happening and said that many rhino were being relocated today.  I felt bad for the people on the other side, coming towards us.  They couldn't see because the big truck and the crates were blocking their view.  A guy asked us " did I miss the leopard?"  

This was a busy day.  We were out for around 12 hours and saw a lot of great things.  That evening in camp the most discussed topic was the the rhino adventure.  Here are a few more pictures from the day....

Supper was leftover beef pie for the hubby, chicken pie for the girls and carrot cake for pudding.  Lights out.

Thanks for reading!


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I bet the rain made the

I bet the rain made the smells "earthy".  I loved the lion clip and the brilliant colors in your pictures.  Thanks so much for sharing!


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What a wonderful day you

What a wonderful day you had.  I love the heron and chicks picture Smiling

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