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Kruger 2010 - Part 4

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Kruger 2010 - Part 4

Kruger National Park 2010

A blog from my recent trip to Kruger in October 2010.

Day 5 - 15-10-2010


Around 5 am, on my way to the communal kitchen, something suddenly came running behind our neighbours bungalow. It was the honey badger ! I couldn't believe it, we had so hoped to see him here ! I quickly ran back to our bungalow to get Joey.



Soon after leaving camp, we found a big buffalo herd. There were hundreds of them.






Some of the buffalo didn't survive the trip as a little later we found a few hyaena and lots of vultures feeding on a buffalo carcass.

and a little further a male lion was sleeping next to his kill.

Our first hour of the day was another one to remember !


We stopped at the Timbavati Picnic spot & on the way we found a new bird to add to our list.

The Namaqua Dove, Oena capensis


We continued our way direction Olifants and on the high-level bridge the wind was blowing so hard that we could hardly stand still.


Every time I have stopped on this bridge I have seen a Yellow-billed Kite & also this time it was one of the first things we saw after getting out of our car.




The view from the bridge.


We had lunch at Olifants Camp & there and I saw my tree of the day.

It had these apple-looking things growing on it everywhere.

The name-tag on the tree told us this was a Knobbly Fig, Ficus sansibarica.

With the heavy wind we didn't spend that much time to enjoy the lovely view from the deck at Olifants Camp.

I'm hoping that tomorrow the weather will be better because the wind and rain are making it a bit chilly.

our next stop was at the N'wamanzi viewpoint.



We saw this beautiful Impala female








and waterbuck







Tonight we are sleeping at Balule, definitely one of my favorit camps in Kruger. The camp only has a small campsite and 6 huts.

Close to Balule there is a lovely low water bridge.

this hippo was swimming close to the bridge.


What adds to the the charm of Balule is that there is no electricity in the camp. Paraffin lamps are provided in the evening but a torch does come in handy when staying here.



We found little swifts nesting at the abolution blocks.




Before it got dark I went for a shower. Once in the shower there seemed to be no hot water so I ended up taking a cold shower.

An empty gas bottle was the reason and soon after, this lovely lady (I forgot her name) came to the rescue. She came running towards the abolution block while kicking this big full gas bottle with her feet, as if it was a football. Smiling

Joey and I wanted to help her out with getting the gas bottle into the building as there were a few steps to get in, but we ended up not being much of a help. This lady was strong !

a few minutes later Joey enjoyed a nice & hot shower.




We stayed in hut nr. 6, close to the fence. In the evening it was still very windy but we managed to get our barbecue going and enjoyed a lovely evening.


our candle with a perfect name




We went to bed with the hippo's laughing at us at night.

It was getting harder now to find new birds and I don't remember how many birds were added to our list today because I stopped writing them down by date. I just ticked the new ones on our bird-checklist. At the end of my kruger blog I will post the full list of birds that we have seen on this trip.

Golden-breasted Bunting



Animals seen so far : Lesser bushbaby - Vervet monkey - Chacma Baboon - Lion - Leopard - Elephant - Bushbuck - Warthog - Hippo - Wildebeest - Crocodile - Impala - Waterbuck - Nyala - Kudu - Water Monitor - Fruitbat - Giraffe - Zebra - Common Duiker - Steenbok - Buffalo - Spotted Hyaena - White Rhino - White-tailed Mongoose - Black Rhino - Scrub Hare. - Leopard tortoise - Reedbuck - Dwarf Mongoose - Slender Mongoose



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Gerda, so glad you got to

Gerda, so glad you got to see the honey badger.  When we were there, he was quite oblivious to us humans.  It must be because he's so well fed!  Enjoying your blog a great deal - it's like another trip back for us!

Member of the All Critters, Large And Small (Except Olive Toads) Fan Club. Seen so far, ellie, rhino, buffalo, zeb, wildee, baboons, warthogs, giraffe, impala, lion, kudu, hyena, jackal, monkey, mongoose, leopard, hippo, lots of birds.

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spunkytwo, on following link

spunkytwo, on following link you can find lots of info on the Knobbly Fig tree.

Knobbly Fig



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Very nice blogs Gerda, love

Very nice blogs Gerda, love them and the pics. Thank you for sharing.


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Another amazing day Gerda. 

Another amazing day Gerda.  I am enjoying your blog so much.  Thanks again.

spunkytwo's picture

Thanks Gerda for another

Thanks Gerda for another wonderful blog, that giraffe pic is incredible.

Do you know if the Knobbly fig is edible?

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Gee Gerda, your trip was

Gee Gerda, your trip was awesome.  Africa is a fantastic country.  The wild animals and exotic birds are simply overwhelming.  At the same time, it is dangerous.  That is overwhelming, too. When I go walking at one of our parks here in the USA the most I have to worry about are snakes among the weeds and brush which I have yet to see.  I would love to visit Kruger or Sabi Sands. Maybe, someday....

Save America's beautiful wild horses.

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That Knobbly Fig tree is

That Knobbly Fig tree is certainly different!  Love the pictures from the low bridge, very pretty.  Glad you got to see the wolverine, that's always an added treat to see something your not expecting.  I am thoroughly enjoying your trip thru the pictures, thank you.

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