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Kruger Park

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Kruger Park

Hi, we recently visited Kruger park for 2 weeks and got to see amazing things...basicly saw

everything exept Leopard & Rhino. Still to much Elephants there but 3 times we stomed apon the lions.


I got some amazing stories as well, like up at Punda Maria...we were driving the road around the camp (Mahonie loop) when a car came past and said around 6 km back at the water whole there’s 2 female lions laying in the grass, he also said the were close to the road but well camouflaged. So we made some tracks and eventually got to the water whole, had a look but didn’t see anything...drove on and turned around then made another turn..nothing, as we made our 3rd and final turn I sat on my window edge (Ok I know its wrong..sorry) with my head over the car roof and started clapping my hands loud to see if something moves, when I looked again she lifted her head 4 meters away from me!! I "" myself! I was so rattled I couldn’t hold the camera still...we also got a female lion at Satara moving her 3 cubs to a new location.