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Large spotted genet

The images above show the large spotted genet Genetta tigrina (Schreber, 1776). The large spotted genet has short legs, a long body and a tail ringed with black and buff / off white. Colour of spots can vary from almost black to a rusty shade. This animal is sometimes referred to as the rusty spotted genet. A distinguishing feature of this species compared to small spotted genet (Genetta genetta) is that, almost without exception, the tip of the tail is black in the former and white in the latter. Coat is soft and short with a distinct dorsal line, but without or with only very indistinct dorsal crest. The facial pattern is similar to the smaller genet but with less contrast. Body mass averages around 1,5 - 2kg for males and 1,5 – 2,5kg for females. Throughout their distribution they are associated with well watered areas and are especially partial to frequenting riverine vegetation.