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Leopard caught on camera huntng a Crocodile!

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Leopard caught on camera huntng a Crocodile!

I just found this in a Newspaper, sorry if it has already been posted

Sorry about the bad quality

Afrimoo (not verified)
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Oh I was reading about this myself the other day, must have been spectacular seeing this role reversal as not often you see an animal get the better of a crocodile. Quite a formidable foe there and certainly not one i'd choose to snack on if I were a leopard.

 The Daily Telegraph has a brief article on it's website, guess it will pretty much mirror what it says in yoru newspaper scan but it's worth a look to see the blown up copies of the pictures.


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Great stuff!

It shows how vulnerable the crocodile became out of water and how strong the leopard really is.

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