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Leopard Sightings On The Rise at Nkorho

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Leopard Sightings On The Rise at Nkorho

Over the past month the leopard Sightings at Nkorho Pan have been increasing. This is causing a great deal of excitement with Africam viewers. The all elusive leopard is one of the most difficult animals to see in the bush. Their solitary nature, camouflage coat and stealth driven movements allow them only to be seen when they wish to be seen.

The newest addition to the Nkorho Pan area, is a female leopard that has traveled from another reserve in search of her own territory. She is the daughter of a leopard known as the Campbell Koppie's female. She has reached the age of maturity where she must leave her mother, and find her way in the world. Fortunately for Africam viewers, it appears that she may have settled on living close to the Nkorho Pan.

At this point she does not have a name, but one will be bestowed upon her soon. This honor is up to the Ranger in the area with the most seniority who has not yet had a chance to name a leopard. You see all the leopards in the Sabi Sands game reserve have names. The rangers are quite good at identifying them, so that they can be tracked and monitored for health, safety and conservation purposes.

The additions to the Sabi Sand leopard population do not stop with this new female. Another leopard named Karula has recently given birth to two cubs. With any luck their travels may take them to Nkorho Pan, so that everyone may get a glimpse of these two youngsters.

Until then, here are some very recent photos of Karula and her cubs...

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wow amazing.thanks




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She is very beautiful.   I

She is very beautiful.   I hope she does stay at Nkorho.  It's a great place to raise a family, when the time comes.

Where does Karula usually hang out?  Sabi Sand is a huge area from the maps i've seen.

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