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LEOPARDS - in Nkorho and Elephant Plains Area

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LEOPARDS - in Nkorho and Elephant Plains Area

Aquila and Karen-inVA wanted to share some bits of information/background on the leopards in the area that we have picked up from various sites (Mala Mala, Londolozi, Djuma, Nkorho, Elephant Plains and other places they have traveled) and their sightings databases.

We will start with the "basic" information on each Leopard. We will follow up with additional info and sightings or special news on the different leopards later.

We hope you will enjoy this information as much as we have in gathering it. Remember, this info is not set in stone as there are conflicting accounts at times with different areas.


We are not adding pictures at this time, as this is just an informational thread. Maybe in the future, we will add some photos of special sightings.

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This topic is only for information about the leopards in the Nkorho and Elephant Plains area.

Questions and other info are welcome, anything off topic will be moved to another forum or deleted.

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Sun, 03/04/2011 - 7:36am

EP Leopard




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This is a really interesting thread thanks for taking such care to keep us informed!

I just read about the demise of Tijolo - sorry if the spelling is out - that was a really nicely written report.

Great to see such fantastic pics of these beautiful animals Smiling

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nov 09

leopard at nk pan  great pic



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Mvula. June 2011

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thanks to  geschu  for use of photo,s

Hello again, just found some pics from the leopardkill in 2000 at LeopardCam, hope I'm allowed to post them here Smiling

..... and yes it was Tjololo !!!!


*** gone but not forgotten ***

1995 - 2007 ( november)


The Rock Drift male (Tjololo)

TJOLOLO - THE LEGENDPublished by Wildcaster 2 months, 1 week ago Tags: africa, animal kingdom, conservation, education, Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park, leopard, mala mala, national geographic, Open Content Alliance, peace parks, photos, predators, teach, wildcasting, wildlife.

This morning Tjololo was found on Mala Mala in a really bad way.
His was very lean, his coat looking terrible and had many porcupine quills stuck in his body. A vet was called in and Tjololo was darted. He had quills in his throat his chest and even his paws. Some quills about 5 inches deep in his body. The vet removed these all and cleaned him up, but Tjololo never came round again after antidote was administered.
This was probably the best way for him to go, as he would probably just have continued to suffer in ill health.

I first saw Tjololo in 1999 as a young 4 year old leopard setting up his territory on Mala Mala Game Reserve. It was then I made a film about him, “Stalking Leopards” for National Geographic. I spent 18 months in the field with him following his every movement every day. He became a close friend as this image alone speaks to.
Tjololo had just killed this kudu cow and was dragging it off. I got out the vehicle and lay on the ground to take photos. He could drag the carcass anywhere, but wanted to go where I was lying, and so did just that. He dragged the kudu within touching distance of me and didn’t so much as give me a glance. What a trusting dude.

He was small male leopard but feisty. As time went by Tjololo began to take control of a larger territory encompassing nearly the whole of Mala Mala. On several occasions he came across much bigger males who we thought were REAL dudes and in just about every confrontation the little man came out the victor. And then in time he started trespassing outside Mala Mala still increasing his domain. He RULED!
But in the last 6 months his condition has been seen to deteriorate as he’s been getting on and would now be 12 years old. Not a bad innings for a male leopard.
I left Mala Mala in 2005 in which time I’d made another 2 films, “Predators at War” and “Hyena Queen”, both of which featured Tjololo in numerous sequences.
He also did me really proud when he was the feature of my cover story in the National Geographic Magazine 2001.
He was a very special leopard and I’m just so grateful to have shared so much time with him.

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and a  kill of a   WILDEBEEST CALF   required

a look  -

From what I could make out of the events. Leopard killed a baby wildebeest, hyena stole it and drug it by the water hole. Must have been heavy. Leopard shadowed the hyena and when it saw it's chance when the hyena left the kill, leopard snatched it and ran for the Marula tree and treed the kill. Hyena came back for kill and it was gone. Started to turn to leave when the kill fell from the tree. Hyena hearing the sound ran to the tree and apparently snatched the kill and drug it off again. Few minutes later the Leopard left and was seen walking right of the water hole heading for direction back behind the cam view.

This morning Josh and Andre saw blood and some morsels of the kill probably from when it fell. Also saw claw marks on the tree. They found the hyena with the entire kill in it's mouth about 300 meters away from the marula tree back in the direction of the Kruger boundary/behind and out of cam view. The Leopard appeared only meters away from them and stole it's kill back and began eating it to possibly lighten the weight prior to treeing it again

thanks to  ---  AQUILA  FOR THAT

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Thankyou for taking the time Great effort to catalog information

on white cloth { RIP }.  This whole thing just Blows me away. Smile

Emagine if you could watch live happenings half a world away !!

Thanks to Karen & Africam.

James A. Segriff

Calgary, Canada

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White Cloth Female Leopard - The Final Chapter

Photo By Peter Buntman

White Cloth, was named after an area in Mala Mala from which she held territory in. She has a quite relaxed disposition.

She is said to have been born in September 1993 along with her littermate, the Kapen Female, who remained mainly in the Mala Mala area but sadly was found dead on April 4, 2010. The Kapen Female was apparently killed by members of the Eyrefield pride. White Cloth and her sister were born to the Trollips Crossing female leopard in Mala Mala.

White Cloth is currently raising a male cub born around December 2008.

Independent Offspring are Matshipiri Female and Inkanye Male/N'chila

Interesting information and a bit of history on her litters over time:

Distinguishing Features: coat is yellowish in color and she is quite stocky for a female

Litters reported to have had: 5

January 2000 - brief mention of a 2.5 year old Son in Mala Mala. That son was said to have been fathered by The Rock Drift Male.

Mid October 2000 (fathered by Rock Drift Male) - male and female

Both sub-adult cubs were abandoned at 25 mos. 2 wks.

Male - no further info is known on him.

The Female is The Matshipiri Female, she still holds territory in Mala Mala.

April 2003 (fathered by The Newington Male) - Male and a Female cub - N'chila/Inkanye Male is still alive and the female disappeared in November 2003 at age of 8 mos.

Late January to Early February 2006 (possibly fathered by The Newington Male) - Nghwazi (was also called Son of White Cloth) and a female cub. The female cub disappeared in July/August of 2006 at the age of around 5 mos.

Nghwazi was killed by the Styx Pride on June 29, 2007 on Chitwa Chitwa. He was 18 mos. old.

December 2008 - Single male cub

Update July 5, 2010 - Sad News from Nkorho. White Cloth has been killed. It happened on Chitwa property on night of July 4. Looks like the Emsagwen Male had found White Cloth and son and she was killed protecting him. Her cub was not seen since, so no further updates at this time.

R.I.P. White Cloth - Sept. 1993 - July 4, 2010. What an awesome legend you were.

Update October 2010 - White Cloth's young son is still alive and being seen in and around the Djuma/Gowrie area. On Oct 7th, he was seen in Western Gowrie near a kill that Induna (one of Karula's 23 mo old sons) had treed. This youngster is very elusive and shy. Perhaps that is his mode for survival.

Written by Karen and Colleen

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sept-1993- july 2010

history    click here


Name: White Cloth

Age: Est. to be born September 1993 - 15 yrs. 6 mos. as of 3/09

Name Means: Named after area she held territory in

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: Kapen Female of Mala Mala

Distinguishing Features: coat is yellowish in color and she is quite stocky for a female

Litters reported to have had: 5

click here elephant plains  info on leopards

click here whitecloth on  face book

video  click here

video  click here

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