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LEOPARDS - in Nkorho and Elephant Plains Area

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RonMexico (not verified)
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Didn't notice this before Karen. Good compilation of info on the leopards. This was probably my favorite anecdote about our friend repape from last November down in Mala Mala:

Daughter of the Campbell Koppies female leopard (stripe) – 30 November 2007

After leaving the cheetahs late in the morning, rangers bumped into the daughter of the Campbell Koppies female moving east towards Claredon dam. En route, she spotted a large black mamba and proceeded to torment it. She did eventually lose interest and moved south towards the largest Jackalberry in the area, climbed the tree and rested. One hopes that she shows more respect towards these deadly snakes in the future. Importantly, leopards generally have a healthy respect of snakes, but at the same time are quite good at killing them. Often the demise of the African Rock Python is at the hands of the leopard, in fact her sister killed a huge African Rock Python in early November.

Oh yeah, one question about the database. It has Mafufenyane listed as Karula's father, I'm just curious where you got that information? I thought both Rexon and Pieter (on different WE drives) had said they thought Karula was conceived by Safari with the prior resident male before Mafufenyane took control?  

sonygrl33 (not verified)
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I really like this information! Thankx

karen-inVA (not verified)
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reserving this spot for intended use

karen-inVA (not verified)
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Some "Interesting Facts" about Leopards

  • Weight of an adult can range in the area of 35-65 kg (77-145 lbs) *for an "average" sized leopard*
  • Height can range in the area of 60-70 cm (24-28 inches) *for an "average" sized leopard*
  • Potential Lifespan - 10 yrs. but some can live to be quite a bit older
  • Mating - can last 3 to 5 days
  • Gestation Period - 90 to 110 days
  • Offspring/Litters - are usually 2 cubs, but can be 3 and a rare 4
  • Weaning of Cubs - usually around 6-12 weeks of age
  • Mother separates from cubs - usually around 18 months, but can be longer
  • Female's territory range -
  • Male's territory range -
  • Scent Marking -

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