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Leopard with 2 cubs

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Leopard with 2 cubs

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Elephant Plains-1

Vervet monkeys had been alarming for a while at EP and suddenly there she was  .

Leopard (Salaxeye ?) with her 2 cubs visiting EP waterhole !!

~ 28 July 2009 ~


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 What an amazing vi9deo.

 What an amazing vi9deo. Thanks Gerda, I am a new member, so it was most interesting.

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WOW! Awesome sighting!

WOW! Awesome sighting! Thanks Gerda for capturing it.

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Great capture, Gerda!  Just

Great capture, Gerda!  Just love to watch those pudgy little cubs!  Just like Karula and her boys, seems like there's always one lagging behind... a "Pokey Little Puppy"!  One of my favorite books to read to my kids eons ago!  Thanks for sharing!

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Gerda, Thanks for making the

Gerda, Thanks for making the video.  It is always exciting to see cubs.  Thanks Paul for blogging it.


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Thanks for the awesome vid!

Thanks for the awesome vid! Was that Karula and her cubs?

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This was great pan on the

This was great pan on the leopard and cubs. Never got to see them while there. Lots of everything else.

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Amazing video thanks for

Amazing video thanks for catching her for us!

caryl123's picture

Thankyou Gerda,absoluteley

Thankyou Gerda,absoluteley amazing......... such wonderful footage...... xx

Kate.McCue's picture

wow! What an amazing video

wow! What an amazing video catch! Thank you sooooo much!

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Wonderful, Gerda! It was

Wonderful, Gerda! It was very emotional - and happy! I'm glad for video people like you and Morris because, at 4:30 a.m. my time, I couldn't have viewed it live. Thank you!

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