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Lightining or Meteroites?

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Lightining or Meteroites?

Hi everyone!

I sent this as a question to africam, but my curiosity is killing me!

Thaks for any input you have!

Hi! I really enjoy your website, and I often use it as a break in my work day. Im hoping you can answer a question. Sometimes when im viewing the Nkorho Cam, I see what looks like lightning in the background. Its not often, maybe every 10 minutes or so..I just assumed it was lighting until yesterday when I saw a flash hit the ground and bounce. It almost seemed like a meteorite or something.  Can you tell me what those are? Could it possibly be bugs? It sure dosent seem like they are, they are too bright and flashy. Thanks for the input, and keep up the good work!
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hey thanks Tabs!  I appreciate your detail.


Have a happy AfriCam!



Tabs (not verified)
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Depending upon the time of the year, the flashes that you see could well be lightening - especially in the South African summer months (approx November - March) when storms are very frequent occurences.

However, if the flashes of light are quite small and appear to move quickly, they are almost certainly caused by insects, nocturnal birds or bats.

Other, longer lasting, flashes of light across the veldt could be caused by the use of torches (flashlights) by the guests at Nkorho (the lodge is quite close to the waterhole) or to the beam of the spotlight on a Game Viewing vehicle. 

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