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Lion Fight: An Unbelievable Series of Photographs

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Lion Fight: An Unbelievable Series of Photographs

lf_thum"It is one of those moments a photographer waits for in their life - no body can predict what, or how events are going to unfold or to what degree; and then they do in an incredible way. It is that unbelievable excitement and nerves of whether or not you captured the moment. Events in nature happen incredibly fast, so I was fortunate enough to capture what I got. The sequence captures the whole approach, attack and reprieve which is unbelievable in itself."

-Photographer Malcolm Bowling


Lion Fight

© 2011 Malcolm Bowling. All Rights Reserved






© 2011 Malcolm Bowling. All Rights Reserved

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Message from the Photographer: I studied art. I have traveled. I was a game ranger. I love animals and birds. I draw, paint and take photo's. I have seen a lot, experienced more, and continue in the search for the ultimate: to be able to perceive and understand what is around us in nature, to learn from the calmness and revitalization one feels when in a beautiful place; or watch something that drives your soul, such as a bird. the continual ebb and flow of nature reveals no prejudice. i think we all need to observe a bird, to get some humility into humanity.

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These pictures are

These pictures are extraordinary seen in the wild.  This is so similar to that of the Smithsonian National Zoological Park here in the USA.  Back in March 2010, the zoo had three resident lions.  A male named “Luke”, a female named “Naba” and another female named “Shera”.  If you view the URL I have listed you will see just how similar these photos are.  The zoo was attemping to build a pride out of the three and was very successful in doing so.  Makes me wonder if that is what was going on in your photos, a new pride was being established because I see no blood marks or scratches on any of the lions. 

By the way, the Smithsonian National Zoological Park is now a pride of 10.  The two females were breed and one gave birth to 3 cubs and the other female gave birth to 4 cubs.  They are about 6 and 7 months old and fun to watch on their web cam.

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