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Lion Kill Week January 16th-22nd: Videos, Photos, Blogs and More

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Lion Kill Week January 16th-22nd: Videos, Photos, Blogs and More is kicking off the new year with "Lion Kill Week" from January 16th through the 22nd.

In December we had a landmark event at Nkorho, where a pride of lions took down a buffalo right in front of our camera. The next few days were some of the most exciting we have ever had. To commemorate this event next week we will be re-braodcasting much of the footage on a dedicated "Lion Kill Week" channel on our multi-view player. In addition we have a lot of surprises planned for you including new videos, lion kill photo galleries, a look back at some of our most memorable lion moments and a lot more. Stay tuned all next week for details announced on and our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Third time lucky: I am

Third time lucky: I am having trouble with posting my comment (I hope this doesn't appear 3 times).

Like all the other Africmmers I watched right through the night of the Kill. I must admit that after midnight (UK time) I dozed on and off. Suddenly, I saw a leopard and woke right up: maybe I had mistaken the spotty thighs of a lioness, but as I watched I saw the square head quite clearly and shook my partner awake (always difficult!) He sat up and saw what I saw, as we watched the leopard walked in profile from left to right, with a chunk of meat in its jaws (maybe a baby or a foetus, I thought), then it turned and faced the camera full-on.

Suddenly, from bottom left off screen, the Male lion sprang up snapping and growling and appeared to give chase briefly. The leopard turned and ran off (towards the camp?).

My partner went straight back to sleep but does recall what we saw. As no-one else has commented, maybe we were sharing a dream, but I am convinced that what I saw was real.

Any thoughts?


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Thank you, you have been

Thank you, you have been most gracious Smiling

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Yes the male lion killed and

Yes the male lion killed and ate the baby buffalo on the other side of water hole, so there is no vid of this. I got my information for Karin, the manager from Nkorho Lodge.

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P.S. It sounded like the

P.S. It sounded like the bigger Buffalo was calling out to the younger Buffalo and vise-versa. You can clearly hear the both of them crying out for one another from accross the pond. Kind of sad but I know it is all apart of what the term means, "Wild-Life". Thanks for your time!

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Oh my goodness...I thought I

Oh my goodness...I thought I heard something else in the background but never saw the male lion until he emerged around the Buffalo later on, that explains why he was not there at first. What happened to the baby? Not sure if it was the male lion who did it or did he kill the baby? Did another animal take off with it? I really appreciate your responses, it really clears the mystery up Smiling

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Hi Maladyk, Yes there was

Hi Maladyk,
Yes there was also a baby buffalo taken by the male lion while the females were at the female buffalo.

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Can someone give me a play

Can someone give me a play by play within the first 5 minutes of the Buffalo being taken down in front of the pond? Not trying to sound gross or anything, it’s just I keep hearing different stories and would like to know for sure. I saw the video and could swear I hear in the background a young animal being possibly killed as well, maybe a young Buffalo? Thanks in advance for the whole story. It’s a good thing I work from home; I watched three days worth of this incredible act of nature. Thanks to all the rangers, you guys ROCK!!!! BIG TIME!!!!

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I agree it was the best

I agree it was the best Christmas present we could ever ask for.  Of course I had to go to bed at some point and was amazed it was all still happening when I awoke....fantastic...






Life is too short for drama and petty things, so kiss slowly, laugh insanely, love truly and forgive quickly. Unknown

Life is too short for drama and petty things, so kiss slowly, laugh insanely, love truly and forgive quickly. Unknown

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The zoomies did great work

The zoomies did great work that week with lions on nk. it was amazing to see. Am from the Kruger National Park living in ireland now so i am glad i have these webcams to make feel at home again.


thanks too all the pepole that coperate with africam!



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What I found incredible was

What I found incredible was how the lions simply ignored the intrusion of the horrd tour buses: at first I thought they were running away from the lights / noise, but soon realised that a whole drama was happening in spite of the buses.

We remained glued to the webcam for 2 nights and 2 days: transported into the world of Nature at it's most primal: to see the co-operation of the lionesses, the pecking order on the feeding; the cubs, the male; the leopard who appeared to steal something - was it a baby buffalo? The male lion who sort of gave chase, but then was magnanimous in letting the leopard walk away with it's swag; the jackals, the vultures, the crows, the hyenas, even the flies hatching out - what an incredible experience and what an honour to have been able to share in this. The whole cycle, unaffected by Man; the rather comical scene of the pride laying around, too full to move, dragging themselves to the water to drink and then crashing out again... the cubs playing...

Even though I grew up in SA and know th KNP very well, even though we have returned to SA several times in the last decade, this has to be the highlight of my "bush" experience. My dear old mum (living in UK, but also glued to Africam) was also enthralled. We are still sharing insights about this, every time I visit her.

Thank you SO much to all the Zoomies for managing to sustain the webcams throughout, even though Christmas was happening: you could not have given us a more amazing present. We look forward to your highlights next week.

Gillandave & Meerkat



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