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Lion Pride Info & Elllies Info suggestion

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Lion Pride Info & Elllies Info suggestion

Throughout the forums I see tidbits of info given on lions or the prides.

I was wondering if a post could be dedicated to all gathered info on the area lions.

Also on for the elephants.


It's hard to find time to search through all the posting in the watering hole or to know where posts have been moved.


Perhaps I am missing a special spot for this info ..if so I'm sorry.

 TIA for your help.

WolfnHawk (not verified)
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Hi Ingwe....that's so very much.

I haven't figured out the new layout yet.

That makes things easier.



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Joined: Mar 14 2006

Hi Wolfnhawk - it's good to see you! Smiling

There is a thread on the Mapogo Pride here

As for the other lions and leopards, there is a plan in the works for that also - coming soon Eye-wink


Ooops - I forgot to add that there is an elephant catalogue here 


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Joined: Jun 25 2007

I think that would be an excellent idea. 


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