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[VIDEO] Lion Vs Warthog: The Hunt, The Kill & The Aftermath

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[VIDEO] Lion Vs Warthog: The Hunt, The Kill & The Aftermath

This video was sent into us from a game reserve in Botswana, and it is action packed. It's of 3 lionesses hunting warthogs. They use some birds for cover and a clever flanking technique to get themselves into position and then the chase is on. There is even a surprise guest that shows up at the end. We must caution you that this video is of a lion kill, and may be disturbing to some viewers.



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This is life - wildlife. 

This is life - wildlife.  This happens around the world and our children may as well know the fact of wildlife.  Yes, I know parents who hide this from their children, but even house cats kill mice.  Warning or no warning, these are wild animals doing what they do best, getting their food!

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Great video. Nothing wrong

Great video. Nothing wrong whatsoever with the movie. That is nature in action....



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Thank you for sharing this

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Hi Fligh,We have lots of

Hi Fligh,

We have lots of Children who watch Africam and have to be mindful of that. The lodge who supplied us with the video also asked us to post the warning.


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Oh my gosh! Why on earth is

Oh my gosh! Why on earth is it necessary to warn "some viewers" ? Are you saying, or perhaps insinuating, that "some viewers" are just so bloop stupid that the words "lion" and "kill" appearing together and on their own isn't context enough for them to conjure up a clue of their own? Siestog!



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