Lioness at EP

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Lioness at EP

I was mistaken it was not a dead zebra it was a lioness sleeping she sure dosent like gettin woke up.

lzornes (not verified)
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this sheds some light on our beautiful girl

The lioness that you saw was the female of the thalada pride. She had a wildebeest kill a few days ago. The rest of the pride is still missing. The mapogos are back in the area and we think that the rest of the thalada pride is hiding from them to protect the little cub.

Andre (Ranger)

ofjr (not verified)
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I am worried about her too. She's been here all day.

gord612 (not verified)
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Hi all whats going on is our lady there is she sick. who or what is she calling.

michigander84 (not verified)
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Hi Everyone, I'm new to Africam, and being a city girl, all I know about wild animals is what I see on TV.  can anyone tell me why the lioness is alone.  I thought they ran in Prides, lots of lady lions together.  I watched her earlier when she was waiting for the Impalas to get closer so she could have dinner.  I was surprised there weren't other lioness with her to help her hunt.  Any info would be helpful. Thanks.


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Hello bearschick and welcome to Africam Smiling

I noticed 2 new threads that you have started in the Streaming Cam Sightings & Time.  Any comments or questions you have can always be added to an existing daily conversation in one of the following daily topics:

Nkorho and Elephant Plains Sightings For Discussion Wed. March 5 2008

Watering Hole Chat - Wednesday, March 5, 2008


each day a new thread is created and on-going conversations take place.  Other members are more likely to see your posts/questions in one of these daily topics and will answer you right away.  If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

What a wonderful day for sightings!  Everything from cape buffalos to impalas and leopard to lioness!  Fantastic!



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