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Lioness at EP

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Lioness at EP

Does any one know what happened to the lioness at EP last night?  I lost video feed for both Nkorho and EP about 6 pm EST (North Carolna, USA) and the last time I saw her she was prone in the grass near the water.  I had watched her for quite a few hours.

lzornes (not verified)
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here you can ask the rangers questions about nkorho or ep his post concerning the lioness is on the last page

pureclass (not verified)
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hi could you tell me how i can get the ranger postings plz?

lzornes (not verified)
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the ranger posted that she is part of a pride that is hiding from the mapogo males to keep the cubs safe. this female yesterday had a wildebeest kill a few days ago

wildarc (not verified)
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Thanks, Tourneyman1!  I don't post often, and am a little confused by all the chit-chat.  I feel better about the lioness.  I thought she looked pretty vulnerable in grass out in the open, and wondered if she was OK!

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When the cameras came back up a bit after dawn she was gone. You might want to check out the daily active discussion threads and post in those since they are where most post and read. That can be found at the top of the main forum page or click here


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