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Lion Prides & Coalitions of Sabi Sands

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Lion Prides & Coalitions of Sabi Sands

Here you will find the links to the individual histories for some of the prides and coalitions of Sabi Sands.

Please feel free to add your thoughts or information about each.  Photos and videos of the known prides and coalitions are also welcomed.

Please keep discussions/information/photos/videos relevant to the particular pride or coaliton you are posting to.


Eyrefield/Sparta Pride

Golf Course Male Lions

Majingilane Male Lions

Manyeleti Males - Young

Mapogo Coalition

Nkuhuma Pride

Roller Coaster/Rollercoaster Males

Split Rock Males

Styx Pride

Tsalala Pride

Tsalala Young Male

Windmill Pride


Remember, nothing is set in stone.  Information is gathered via the internet or through contact with various Rangers/Guides/Lodge Staff/Guests.

Corrections or additional information is always welcomed.



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Glad you are enjoying the

Glad you are enjoying the blogs Panthera.  Smiling


The Nkuhuma pride blog did finally get updated.


I have just added the Golf Course Males history.   It is a work in progress but should give followers a good start on knowing more about who they were.

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Wow, this is like a story

Wow, this is like a story scripted in heaven. Nowhere else will you find the same intensity of violence, loyalty and love interwoven like this.

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Have updated the histories

Have updated the histories on the Mapogos, Tsalalas, Majingilanes, Eyrefield Pride, Tsalala Male (Solo), and Styx Pride.  The latest updates will be annotated October 2010.   Hope to get the Nkuhuma pride updated soon.   Enjoy!  Smiling

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Speaking for Africam

Speaking for Africam management 

Aquila & Karen, you have most certianally added value to our site and no doubt to the larger internet. Although i have already said this in private I want to make sure the broader community hears us congratulate u on a job well done.


Jon Oliver

Africam CEO

Africam Drupal Admin

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Thanks to Aquila and Karen

Thanks to Aquila and Karen in VA for gathering the bulk of this data. They are fascinating stories and so appreciated!! Thanks to those who contribute to the story.


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This is absolutely wonderful

This is absolutely wonderful !


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A wonderful job - thank you

A wonderful job - thank you for all your hard work!  It's fascinating reading about all the different prides.

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Fantastic! What a formidable

Fantastic! What a formidable piece of reference. Well done!

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars  -  Brian Littrell

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