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Lions Attack Humans Most After A Full Moon [Study Finds]

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Lions Attack Humans Most After A Full Moon [Study Finds]

The general consensus when it comes to lions is that they will not attack humans unless they are very hungry. New research from the Univeristy of Minnesota may prove that this is indeed the case, and the full moon may be to blame.

The research was conducted in rural Tanzania with nearly 500 victims of lion attacks. The study found that as the moon became more full it was increasingly difficult for the lions to catch any type of prey because of all the extra light. As a result their hunger would continue to grow over the full moon period, and just as the moon began to grow dark again the frequency of attacks on humans would climb dramatically.

The truly interesting thing about these findings is they may be the first solid scientific evidence to support the validity of full moon legends. It appears that the full moon is indeed a warning sign of dangerous times ahead. Looks like CCR was really on to something.

You can read the full article about this amazing discovery HERE

Source [UM News]