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LIONS - Nkorho & Elephant Plains Area

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LIONS - Nkorho & Elephant Plains Area

Karen in VA and Aquila wanted to share some bits of information/background on the lions in the area that we have picked up from various sites (Mala Mala, Londolozi, Djuma, Nkorho and Elephant Plains) and their sightings databases.

List of lion prides:

  • Mapogo Coalition
  • Tsalala Pride
  • Manyeleti Males (Young)
  • Roller Coaster Males
  • Split Rock Males
  • Styx Pride
  • Windmill Pride
  • Nkuhuma Pride

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This topic is only for information about the lions in the Nkorho and Elephant Plains area.

Questions and other info are welcome, anything off topic will be moved to another forum or deleted.


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Aquila wrote:Sad news....

Aquila wrote:
Sad news.... The oldest Mapogo's 5 sub adult male cubs are dead. The Sand River pride consisting of 2 lionesses and their 5 sub adult male cubs were shot and killed after breaking out of the reserve. http://www.leopardhills.com/blog/index.php?itemid=217

Aquilla that is bad news. It completly ruined my day.

I created a long responce ( but deleted it)

all i can post now is.


Take Care


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thanks Aquila, that's such

thanks Aquila, that's such sad news...


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Thanks for that information

Thanks for that information Aqulia, as well as the earlier info about the Mapogo/buffalo rumor. I can't tell you how upsetting that news is about the Sand River pride. It creates feelings that I would prefer to repress, feelings of anger and bitterness toward the authorities in the area and the local community. It's depressing to read about such a blatant lack of respect for nature from these individuals, and this is not an isolated occurrence as the story mentions. The leopard database here mentions similar occurrences with former leopards of the Sabi Sands. Obviously the reserve properties have been unable to convince the local communities that it is in everyone's interest to show some basic respect for the native animals of the area. To be honest, this culture of killing animals that stray from the protected reserves leads me to view the entire Sabi Sands/Kruger area as almost an overgrown zoo, since the animals are not free to leave the area without immediate and lethal consequences.

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Sad news.... The oldest

Sad news.... The oldest Mapogo's 5 sub adult male cubs are dead. The Sand River pride consisting of 2 lionesses and their 5 sub adult male cubs were shot and killed after breaking out of the reserve.


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Hi elsalioness.  You can

Hi elsalioness.  You can get a good idea on when we saw lions in the past from the sightings log.  Click here Although it isn't 100% complete of all the sightings it does have links to the days where pics were taken of the lions at the waterholes. 

Welcome to Africam and the forum.  I do hope you will also join us in the daily created waterhole chat thread where we talk about what we are seeing and hearing at the waterholes.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.... especially when the cams go down.

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How often do you see the

How often do you see the lions. I really love them. elsalioness:D

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the subadult male of the

the subadult male of the Tsalala pride,

picture taken in may 2008



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Here are 3 pics of 2 members

Here are 3 pics of 2 members of the Mapogo's. Pictures were taken in May 2008


Mr T


and the one they call Kinky Tail, on second pic you can see why they call him so Smiling

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Hi Joe, about the Mapogo

Hi Joe, about the Mapogo being killed that is apparently not the case as the one said to have been killed was seen just hours ago along with 3 of the others and reports are showing all 6 have been seen recently. One guide speculates the lion reported killed by buffalo may have been a rogue male.

The young male that has integrated into the Eyrefield pride is a mystery. The sub-adult of the Tsalala pride is still apparently hanging around with his older sisters but does disappear and goes out on his own for various time periods so it is possible. I've never known the Tsalala's to be called the Marthly pride though. There is however another young male lion that has been frequenting the Mala Mala area lately and was first thought to be one of the Windmill youngsters but it seem all of them are accounted for. This young male is said to be about 3 yrs of age. Hopefully future reports will clear up the mysteries as to who these two young males are. Smiling

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 This is a great

 This is a great information source thread and it sounds like some of you have quite a bit of information about the lions prides in the Sabi Sands. I have two questions that I wonder if anyone knows the answer to.


First, I heard that it was reported that one of the Mapogos was killed by a buffalo in the area of Londolozi. However, I also heard that it might not have been the case. II have not been able to verify this on any of the reserve sites, has anyone seen this reported anywhere or heard anything more concrete? 


Second, I just read this on the Mala Mala site this afternoon. Does anyone possibly know if this new male subadult is possibly from the pride that is known as Tsalala on other reserves? They call it Marthly here but I know they have different names sometimes. 


Eyrefield pride and male from the Marthly pride– 18 January 2009

The Eyrefield pride was found on the new airstrip in the afternoon. The pride had been looking at a herd of impala, but were spotted. They chose instead to rather rest on the tarmac. The young male is now fully intergrated with the pride, and although there is still some hesitancy on the his part, the cubs happily approach him and involve him in their mock battles. The male is from a pride that used to live on MalaMala called the Marthly pride. They now live to the west of MalaMala. This male lion was pushed out of his natal pride by two of the Eyrefield males which have taken over the pride.

In the evening the cats got active and walked north along the airstrip, stopping every so often to check for prey species. Some impala were seen, but the cubs’ antics gave the lions away.

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