LIONS - Nkorho & Elephant Plains Area

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LIONS - Nkorho & Elephant Plains Area

Karen in VA and Aquila wanted to share some bits of information/background on the lions in the area that we have picked up from various sites (Mala Mala, Londolozi, Djuma, Nkorho and Elephant Plains) and their sightings databases.

List of lion prides:

  • Mapogo Coalition
  • Tsalala Pride
  • Manyeleti Males (Young)
  • Roller Coaster Males
  • Split Rock Males
  • Styx Pride
  • Windmill Pride
  • Nkuhuma Pride

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This topic is only for information about the lions in the Nkorho and Elephant Plains area.

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Posted by bushie 29 January

Posted by bushie 29 January 2009

1 young male from the Windmill Pride thanks to Mike for the info and help in ID the lions for us - photo by bushie  

Windmill Pride consists 3 young males, 2 young females and 3 adult females, one of the females is presumed to be pregnant and out on her own but she is part of this pride - photo by bushie 

Windmill Pride - photo by bushie 




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Posted by bushie 29 January

Posted by bushie 29 January 2009

Manyeleti Male injured during a fight broken back right leg 

Photo taken by bushie- 8 January 2009 Last seen 15 January 2009 other male has been seen twice since but on his own



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Thank You  Aquilla.Now if

Thank You  Aquilla.

Now if you hear anything about the Manyeleti Brothers.

Please Tell us!

Last i heard 1 is OK and second has a broken leg.




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A little information on the

A little information on the Windmill pride. This pride use to frequent the Mala Mala area but then moved into Kruger with only an occasional visit back into Mala Mala for the past year or more.

The breakdown on the original pride:

3 Adult Lionesses ages unknown
2 sub adult males approximately 2 yrs 7 months
2 sub adult females approximately 2 yrs 7 months
1 sub adult male approximately 2 yrs 4 months

Not sure where the missing adult female is as there was no mention of how many of the pride returned to the area just a couple of weeks ago.

Will be interesting to follow and see if the other adult lioness rejoins them.

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Hello all.Seems that Penny2

Hello all.

Seems that Penny2 was staying in the Nkorho lodge with some lions 7? ?

Anyway it seems that a new unknown pride entered NK..

7 lions Unknown. But Jacques did an investigation.. ( as far as i know) and we have  a new Pride of lions..  The Windmill pride.

As far as i know they showed up as newbies EXACTLY under the guest room off Penny2. 

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Hi Donna, I sure hope Sandy

Hi Donna, I sure hope Sandy Patch can raise these cubs to adulthood. Would be lovely for her to be a part of a pride again. Smiling

Those Styx girls.... they are notorious for killing leopards and now Wild Dogs? Sad Seems they make up their own rules for survival but hey... the pride has been in existence for well over 2 1/2 decades so they must do something right. Hope they too can raise their cubs to adulthood and finally put the "bad moms" reputation to rest.

Had to chuckle about how they ambushed the two Mapogo males. LOL

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What a happy story Aquila!!

What a happy story Aquila!! Sandy Patch is a story of perseverance and those Styx Girls are my heroines!! Just wish it hadn't involved the Wild Dogs Sad


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For those that know and

For those that know and follow the lone Sandy Patch female, she was seen by Rangers from Djuma this morning Dec. 18th with 3 cubs. Smiling She's not alone anymore.

Also, there is an interesting report on the Styx pride and how they protected their cubs from 2 of the Mapogo males on Dec. 7th here on the Mala Mala site.

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I sure do love them Donna!

I sure do love them Donna! They are magnificent!!!

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Aquila wrote: It is reported

Aquila wrote:
It is reported that these two lions though quite large in size are actually very young males. They have made their presence known more frequently the last few months and have been in the company of some of the Nkuhuma lionesses (most noticeably Snaggletooth) as well the lone Sandy Patch female on several occasions.
Aquila, my understanding is also that they are young.  They are quite handsome!  Don't you just love them??


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