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Lions--one injured

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Lions--one injured

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September 27, 2010

Would like to know what hurt the male

This is probably the 2+1 that we've been hearing about

Thanks Zoomie!!!

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Will anyone do anything to

Will anyone do anything to help this injured lion? Will the maybe tranquilize him and take him to a vet to see what is wrong and if they can help him? Frown

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This was posted on the

This was posted on the Nkorho Bush Lodge Facebook page yesterday:

The pride at the waterhole was 2 + 1, the male does not have feline TB, the lions moved into Mala Mala awhile ago and on their return to our area the male was injured. We are not sure if this is from a buffalo as they were following them. ... But the injury could also have been caused by a lion in one of the lion fights. No one actually saw how he sustained his injury, it looks like the pelvis on his left side seems to be causing the most pain. We hope that the females are able to catch something shortly so that he can feed and regain his strength.


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Im sure there he has bit of

Im sure there he has bit of TB..... Sad

The reality of the bush...

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Yes that is so sad :(  He

Yes that is so sad :(  He is so skinny.  I thought with them living in prides that they would share a kill with him?

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Poor lion looks really

Poor lion looks really skinny also.


Have a nice day

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