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Lion war

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Lion war

   Hi, fred from tampa,fla. Just wanted to ask two questions. Hopefully someone who knows lions will respond. First, what will probably happen to the one male lion that ran away during the fight? Will he travel and try to find a new pride to rule? Secondly, why didnt the female lions of the pride help the two males to defeat the four or six lions who invaded their territory? thanks and hope to get an answer. fred

fred poe (not verified)
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   Thanks so much Penny for the info. Sounds like the lions world is pretty chaotic right now. Should be interesting to see all this play out.

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Hello Fred.  Here is a link to the lions database which gives information on the lion prides seen in the Nkorho and Elephant Plains areas  click here .

You will see that there were six Mapogo males and four of them moved further south in the Sabi Sand while Mr T and Kinky Tail remained in the north.  Now Kinky Tail has been killed and Mr T is on his own, no one really knows what will happen to Mr T.  We can hope that he might join up again with the other Mapogos but if not, being on his own he is at a disadvantage especially now the new coalition of four males has moved in from the Kruger Park area.  The Tsalala pride (who made the kill at EP last night), Styx Pride and Nkuhumas are the main female prides in his territory but with the new coalition moving in, no one really knows what is going to happen with them and we can only wait and see.

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