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Little Duiker Gone Mad

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Little Duiker Gone Mad

Recently while watching the Elephant Plains cam, the zoomie found a common duiker grazing fairly close to the cam. We watched with a few ooh’s and awe’s, as he is a fairly small and “cute” little antelope. One of the things we see him do quite often is use his front feet as if they were hands.  He takes his hooves and digs a few quick strokes, then checks to see what’s been unearthed.  His nose led him there, as he is very fond of different bulbs, tubers and roots. His fondness for digging has earned him a place on the pest list of some farmers in Africa, as he likes to dig up and eat potatoes, peanuts and other crops that grow buried in the soil.
Unlike most antelopes that are strictly grazers, the common duiker has been known to dine on insects such as caterpillars, cockroaches, and ants. In rare instances, they have even been seen stalking and eating lizards, frogs, rodents, and birds. 
We don’t see the common duiker drink from the water hole very often, as he gets all the water he needs from the vegetation he consumes. Being a smaller antelope, the python may view the duiker as fair game for a meal.  Sometimes these pythons are later found dead, as the small horns of the duiker punctured the snake during digestion.
In this video we see a common duiker digging for a meal when he seems go mad. He runs and stops, twirls and thinks...and at one point he puts his head down in the area he has been digging, and raises his head up with grass tangled up in his horns. Some think he saw a snake or something else that would make him worry.  Me? I think he got a whiff of something he was digging and it just made him want to have fun...so he did  :)  http://www.africam.com/wildlife/duikerantics


all happening in the Kruger National Park