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Live cams on five continents

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Live cams on five continents

I just found a nice site which should whet the appetite of the armchair traveller!  Have a look at .  Some lovely views of life around Udaipour, India;  Sydney, St Andrews, Canada; Venice, Vienna, and a new cam installed showing the huge Sultan Qaboos Mosque in Muscat, capital of Oman. 

Oman is well worth a visit - Omanis are very friendly and engaging people, the landscape is rugged and suitable for camelback or 4x4 trips, and the bird-watching is spectacular, as Oman is the last port of call for all kinds of birds from colder climes migrating to overwinter.  From waders to raptors, to finches, gulls, hoopoes - it has something for every ornithologist.

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Thank you! I'll a better sight on adress later! I agree with you, Oman is  an amazing country! I have travelled around the country and enjoyed every inch of it. Sea sides, wadis,desert,mountains...

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Thank you, Jon! I'm glued on my seat indeed!    Wink


Nkosi sikelel' iAfrica (National Hymn of SA)

God bless Africa!

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