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Living With Lions!

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Living With Lions!

Trainer Tries to Habituate Namibia's Wildest Cats

Dave Salmoni Attempts to Make Aggressive Lions More Tourist-Friendly.


Salmoni is a zoologist, big cat trainer and host for cable channel Animal Planet. He is living for six months at the Erindi Private Game Reserve, a tract of land 10 times the size of Manhattan. Salmoni is attempting something unprecedented -- a kind of rehabilitation of wild lions. His goal is to save this pride of big cats, considered dangerous and problematic to humans, from being killed in retaliation.

 I don't know... I have some mixed feelings about this.Undecided

Really, I think he should get out while he's ahead of the game.
I guess this is something I'll have to follow & see what happens at the end.

Anyways thought I would share it with you all.Smile

Source: ABC News
ERINDI GAME RESERVE, Namibia, Aug. 11, 2009