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Local times of live cameras

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Local times of live cameras

I haven't logged on for some time. The improvements to the site seem nicely done. I do wish that the local time of the live cameras was posted.  It may be there but I cannot find it.

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On the main page or here in the forum you can see links to the cams on the left hand side navigation area.  They do have the local time above the cam viewer.  Hope this helps


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Hi jlind50, nice to have you back.

It's true, when you use the camera links from the home page, the local time is not displayed. However, if you click on the links on the RHS to open a pop-up of the camera you wish to view, the current local time and date are posted there.  Hope this helps and happy camming.


edit:  whoops....I meant LHS not right (sorry)

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