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Lodge coordinates

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Lodge coordinates

It would be a great help to us who use Google Earth to have the coordinates (lat. and long.) of all the lodges located in Sabie Sands. Bottlenose has a great map on his website that if you were to expand it would be terrific for us shutins. I see many lodges and air fields but not sure of their names.

Thanks, Pete

PETE (not verified)
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Thank you Foldron, I have located all the lodges both commercial and private on the Google map except for one that is not on your map and is only 1/2 mile almost due S. and W. of Nkorho. 

Would be happy to share the map and locations if I can figure out how.


PETE (not verified)
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Thank you all for the maps and goodmorning, we just got up and are enjoying the Girafs.

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Thanks Foldy, the djuma map shows the area very well. Now it's easier to have an idea of where things happen.

Foldron (not verified)
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I like this map;


And this map shows Kruger NP;


Gerda (not verified)
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Hi Pete,

You can also find a map with the lodges and names here

happy camming Smiling



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