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Lodge Proximity

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Lodge Proximity

I was just watching the NK cam (21:35pm) and heard music/dancing etc which I presume is some kind of entertainment event for the people staying at the lodge?

What sort of affect does the lodge's close proximity to this wateringhole have on the number of animals that go there in the day and night? Obviously there is a lot of human activity nearby; does this have a negative impact on the wildlife we see on Africam? I hope not, but it'd be interesting to know from the experts! 

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The mics are very sensitive but the animals don't seem to care at all about the humans in the area.  The lodge is on my guess from the views by the cam seems to be 100-200 yards away to the left of the current view.  I am in now way an expert, just from watching the animals while the landies are nearby or watching them graze close to the lodge buildings on the cams. 


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