Log infrequent visitors?

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Log infrequent visitors?

I often wish there was some log I could go to find the date that an animal was last seen at the WH.. we seem to rely on the memory of the mods or frequent posters, but if there was a thread for lions, leopards, servals, warthogs, etc., whatever creatures seem infrequent (we could all work on a list of the animal and birds we think would be nice to know about), in which people simply listed the date and time seen on cam, then someone could go to that thread and find the date, and know where to look for pictures from that sighting, and where the chat around the sighting, etc. It seems a fluke that the lions came on Christmas which makes that date particulary easy to recall, but someone was just talking about the leopard that came in Sept.. It would be great to know the exact date and go back and look at those pictures.. and the further we get from those past sightings, the less likely it will be that there is someone online who remembers it... Maybe there is already such a log and I don't know where to look for it!

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We have made a sightings log for all the animals we've seen at the waterhole.

You can find it here http://www.africam.com/wildlife/sightings_log_mammals

Please add to it (by replying to the topic, and the mods will update the list,) and help us with dates and ideas for things you would like to see on the list. Thanks! Smiling

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i agree, it is a great idea wannabethere, I would love to have a log about infrequent visitors to the WH. It would make remembering dates easier to remember, because of the log. I support.

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