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London Meet Friday 22nd May to Sunday 24th May

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London Meet Friday 22nd May to Sunday 24th May

Hi all. For those of you not on Afrimeets I am attaching information on the forthcoming 10th Anniversary Meet. All are welcome!

More details have been discussed and this is the latest on how the 10th
Anniversary London Meet is looking.

Friday, 22nd May
People are making plans to fly in from countries far and wide. Those we
know about so far will be personally greeted / met at Heathrow airport
(but not Stansted) and directed to the nearest public transport for
their onward journey to Central London. The venue is The Columbia Hotel
close to Marble Arch on the north side of Hyde Park where those staying
for the whole weekend will be based. Website h/w for those wishing to
make a room booking and please note that only double and single rooms
are now available.

The plan is to meet here in the lounge of the Columbia at 6.00p.m. for

drinks and then move on to a local restaurant for supper -
there are a number of quaint little pubs within a short walking distance
from the hotel.

Saturday, 23rd May
A leisurely start to the day with a walk in Hyde Park after breakfast.
For nostalgic reasons we have then decided to retrace our footsteps and
officially begin this Meet in the same pub that was the venue for the
1st Meet in 1999 ! We will be meeting for a drink at The Two Brewers, 40
Monmouth St, Covent Garden at 12 noon. Details h/w

The main event of the 10th Anniversary London Meet will then take place.
We shall move on to The Bricklayers Arms, scene of the first London
dungspitting of international fame (the TV footage is still being shown
from time to time !!). We have secured a room upstairs where we shall
meet for lunch (around 1.30p.m.) followed by the 10th Anniversary
Dungspitting Championshits (certificates to be awarded, of course !) For
those not wishing to spitulate, please bring pom poms and other assorted
goodies to lend voice and spirit to cheerleading (and who does not think
of our pal Barbs when mentioning cheer leading ? ).

That evening it has been suggested that we meet up at Erubini, a
Russian/Armenian restaurant that looks to have great food and amazing
ambiancewhich is not far from the Columbia Hotel. And the true selling
point for this restaurant ? Live music !!!!! And might that also mean
dancing ? With this group, anything is possible !

Sunday, 24th May
A brilliant idea !!! We are catching the train from Paddington Stn to
Maidenhead which is on the River Thames. It's a 40 min journey costing
10GBP return leaving at 09.43 arr. 10.27. We nip down to the river and
catch a large boat at 11.00a.m. heading off to Windsor arriving 12.30
also costing 10 GBP return. We spend some 3hrs in Windsor (and Eton
College) and catch the boat back at 15.45 arriving in Maidenhead at
17.15. Catch the train back to London Paddington at 18.06 arr at 18.49.
What fun we shall have !!

For any survivors surviving we shall then proceed to a local eatery yet
to be decided upon.

Monday, 25th May is a public holiday and no-one has to go to work.
Linger longer with us and have more fun !!

Those to date known to be attending the Saturday festivities are :-

Toods, mickyb, Penni, Chameleon, Moss, Keiko, Moufs, Ms Moufs, Anniecat,
Hippo, Bendog, Mr Bendog, MarlynUK, Sarah, Doribell, Wedge, Brenda aka
Kirk with more to come.



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Joined: Feb 17 2006

Hope you all had a good time.


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Addendum to this meet:

There will be a braai on the evening of 2nd June in my garden, in Twickenham. Leon will be our cook and other Africammer friends will be in attendance.

If any other Africammers would like to attend, and meet with us, please let me know and I will give you my address and phone no in pvt. All are welcome - we love to make new friends.



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Joined: Oct 2 2006

Hello sorry i probs wont be able to make it i am in london but attentding family party lol




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Joined: Oct 16 2005

Thanks for posting this Wedge, but I'm sorry to say I can't make it.

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I elect Toods to dungspit on my behalf  - and I expect to win, having beaten her the last time we spat! I will expect to receive my sh*tificate on my return from SA Smiling

Tabs (not verified)
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Waaaaah!!!! :'( Why did you have to have the meet THAT weekend!!!

The Tabs will be in SA whilst all of her UK, SA, Dutch and USA friends (Well, I suppose that Toods is a 'friend' in spite of her/my assertions to the contrary?) will be having phun without me?

Talk about bad timing... but have a great weekend without me *SOB* and Grrrrrrrrrr!!!

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