LONG-Fingered Frog Spotted Again After A Really LONG Time

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LONG-Fingered Frog Spotted Again After A Really LONG Time

Many people will tell you that spotting a leopard in the wild is tough, and finding yourself a cheetah is near impossible, but that's nothing compared to looking for a Bururi long-fingered frog that until last year hadn't been seen since 1949.

That's right the last spotting of this elusive little frog was way back in the 40s and many scientists were concerned that it had become extinct. So a research team led by scientists David Blackburn and Eli Greenbaum set out into a Burundi forest in East Africa to see if they could determine the status of the evasive amphibian.

It took 5 nights but the LiveScience website is reporting that they eventually heard the sound they were looking for: the call of the male long-fingered frog, so named because of the extra-long digit it has on its feet. Blackburn and Greenbaum are happy to announce that even though they only saw the one, they heard dozens of calls which suggest there are quite a few more in the area. So it looks like the long-fingered frog is alive and well in Burundi. Hopefully, it won't take 60 years for someone to see another one.

You can read a lot more about the expedition and the long-fingered frog on the LiveScience website located HERE

Source: LiveScience - Jeanna Bryner