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Looking for Giraffes.

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Looking for Giraffes.

Day One: Was on earlier today but nothing was even moving. Now I'm on but now the cameras are down. My quest to find giraffes still continue.

Why the obsession to find giraffes on the cam? Well for one thing ever since I was about 10 years old, I've liked giraffes. I got my first plushie at that age and so it started. As I got older I collected more and more things to do with giraffes. Posters, plushies, and wooden statues too. I would constantly scoure a store to find anything giraffe. Most of the time I wouldn't find any. But now it got easier and easier. I even have a giraffe lamp, and no not a childish one, but a stylish one with giraffes standing around the middle.

I now have over 30 giraffes for my collection so far. But now since I've been to a zoo where you are able to feed them, and since I missed that opportunity and time, I have been wanting to do that for a while also. To me giraffes are beautiful and different. I qualify for one of those things. And it's not beautiful.

I think I will always love giraffes, no matter how old I get. I just hope they won't go endangered or extinct like many animals have already.