mabe we can do this idea?

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mabe we can do this idea?

mabe we can get an automatic message that warns you when something is really facinating and tells you what webcam that has that facinating thing that is live on webcam so no one misses anything facinating and the reason no one knows me on africam is because at first  I did not know how to participate with africam

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I agree, I started following you on Twitter a couple of days ago and it's great, I haven't missed anything since !

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We actually have 2 such messages that go out Patterson.

We have twitter alerts - you just have to subscribe to Africam twitter to have them sent to you.  We also have the alerts on the Africam FaceBook page.

Both of these messages, you will get as quickly as they can be sent out - they are not automatic messages, but are sent through twitter to both locations by one of the twitter volunteers.


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