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Maine loves this site

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Maine loves this site

Hi, I'm from Maine in the US and recently found this site....so interesting to see what will show up on the cam.  Only animals I see around here are Moose, deer and bear so thank you for sharing your video cam with us.

Kind Regards


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Joined: Oct 4 2006

   Hello Debbie


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Joined: Dec 22 2007

Hey Debbie,

Moose, deer and bears are pretty cool to see too.   I live in the city and only see urban dogs in little outfits.  Laughing

Welcome to Africam.

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Joined: Mar 14 2006

Hi Debbie!

Welcome to Africam  

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Joined: Feb 17 2006

Welcome to Africam and the Boma!

Gerda (not verified)
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Hello Debbie and welcome to Africam !

Enjoy the sights and sounds of Africa Smiling


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