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Manyeleti Males - Young

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Manyeleti Males - Young

Manyeleti Males

Information gathered from sighting reports and/or newsletters from Djuma and Nkorho, information shared by Rangers in the area, and viewings thru Africam and Wildearth.

Manyeleti Males (Young) - distinguished as "young" due the many lions/prides/coalitions over the past decades being known by the name of Manyeleti. 

These males first appeared on Djuma in July 2008 coming from the North (Manyeleti).

Their history is unknown. Two very large young male lions estimated to be approximately 4 +/- years in age and more than likely brothers. Both sported fairly light colored manes with one having a fuller and more mature mane than the other. They were virtually scar free and it was assumed they had recently been pushed out of their pride.

Frequently venturing more and more into Djuma and neighboring reserves over the next months, they were seen in the company of two lionesses from Nkuhuma Pride and mating with the one known as Snaggletooth. They also spent time with the lone Sandy Patch lioness who currently has 3 cubs believed to be sired by one of the Manyeleti males.

Africam at Nkorho Lodge Video of Manyeleti Male with Snaggletooth from the Nkuhuma Pride by Sagresta

Manyeleti and Nkuhuma Nov 17, 2008

In early January 2009, reports came in that these two magnificent males had been in a fight sometime around Jan 3rd/4th. Speculations were that the Mapogos and these young males had clashed. This altercation happened near the Mala Mala/Kruger boundary South of Nkorho. One of the Manyeleti brothers was said to have been killed, however a few days later, both of the Manyeleti males were seen alive. The one with the immature mane though had been severely injured with his right back leg badly broken.

Africam Video Jan 9th, 2009 at Nkorho Lodge by pnutbutrnjely

Manyeleti Brothers at Nkorho Pan - One Injured

The one brother remained with his injured sibling for some time. The last time seen together... they were heading into Kruger but only the uninjured brother seems to have returned. It can only be presumed his brother is dead.

The surviving Manyeleti was in Buffelshoek on the morning of March 2nd, 2009. He was mating with Snaggletooth from the Nkuhuma Pride once again.

May 17, 2009 - Reports came in from Djuma that a conflict had taken place.  Tracks showed signs of the Styx Pride and their cubs along with Male Lion tracks that indicated a fight had occurred between several male lions.   Later in the morning, another report came of the Manyeleti Male being chased by two adult males believed to be part of the Mapogo Coalition.   They chased the lone Manyeleti Male until he escaped across the Northern boundary of Buffelshoek and into Manyeleti.

June 19th 2009 - The surviving Manyeleti Brother was viewed at Djuma Game Reserve by Wildearth during the AM drive. He looked magnificent. He was heading towards Buffelshoek Dam where a young hippo carcass was found a couple of days ago. As the carcass was still floating too far from shore, the Manyeleti Male was left lying on the Dam wall as if he was standing guard over his prize. What a beautiful sighting!

We were so looking forward to watching these two brothers mature and become a presence in the Nkorho & Djuma area. With the presumed death of the injured brother, let's hope the lone Mayeleti Male can survive these tumultuous times.

During their visits to Djuma, they provided some incredible sightings as portrayed in these videos:

Manyeleti Lions PM 18Oct08 by Sagresta

Manyeleti Lions Oct 18, 2008

Djuma The Manyeleti Males by justbrb while on Safari at Djuma Game Reserve

Manyeleti Males on Safari Aug/Sept 2008

Manyeleti Males vs Buffalo 10/20/08 - 2 by muttluver

Dagga Boys Take on the Manyeleti Males

Manyeleti Males vs Buffalo 10/20/08 - 3 by muttluver

Dagga Boys and Manyeleti Males continued

Updated June 2009

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