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March 9, 2011

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March 9, 2011

 This is my second day on site. Decided to take notes, because my first day i have been blown away.

7:30am TM many animals near the watering hole. Na la's Curly Horn Kudu, Woody Necked Storks(in a field) 4 Elephants @ different times ( first the mud bath and then dust bath) Zebra (drinking) The sounds of the animals and birds, and the bugs are intense.

8:05am NK Camera is scanning, fixed into some trees and looks like a mound of some kind posted on the chat and JanineS replied There was a Jackal Den There @ one time very cool.

8:11am TM Nala at the watering hole this site seems to be the most active.

8:13am EP Just takes my breath away the sounds. Not a loud as yesterday but still cool.

8:25am NK Low Growling sounds off camera,, Hear buzzing like flies or bees. Never saw animal here.

8:50am EP The camera shot of a field with trees with morning sun coming up . This is a beautful view. The trees are so shaded and dark against the field that is bright in the sunlight. Just beautiful.

10:18am EP The best. a Herd of Impalas possibly 40 or more were getting a drink of water. Later you could see them lying down under the tree's. Some would play very cool.

My first blog sign off.