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Mark all posts as read....

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Mark all posts as read....

All dedicated forums have a function for marking all posts as read. I like this function as it is something I like to do when I am leaving for the day. Mark everything as read, so that when I come back the next day...it's easy to find everything that was posted since I left.

I ran some searches and it appears others have made the inquiry to Drupal for the same function. It can be read here:


Further searching turned up a module here:


Now...I have no idea if it works or for what version of Drupal it is designed. But maybe you guys can have a look at those links when you get a chance and see if it is feasable to have those "mark as read" links added. Currently....I can't seem to get rid of all the "new" post notifications from the main forum index page. Even if I go into the forum and read all all the new posts....the main index page still says there are new posts. Perhaps this "mark all as read" function would fix that too.

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Yeah...I was wanting email notification for subscribed threads. I do plan to grab your RSS feed for the new website I am building, once I make sure my server is set up to take it. I am having an Africam page amongst other things.

The RSS is great for websites....but not quite the replacement for email notification for subscriptions. I tend to only subscribe to threads that I start, anyway. Eye-wink

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tnkx Maxx, on the list (its getting shorter), this should save me some time.

btw - it was u who wanted the notify stuff ? Does RSS do it for u (either as a replacement or in conjunction?) 


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