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Maximum size of a picture.

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Maximum size of a picture.

Hi There Forum admins.

Sometimes i got in problems because picture's i posted over-exceeded the maximum which is allowed ( 550x450 i think?)

I wonder isnt there a possibility that after uploading a picture that was to big the forum software automatically resizes it ?

I do post occasionally on another forum and there if i post a picture like 32.000x 16.000 the software does automatically resize it into the maximum allowed.

 Each time if i post here i have to think about the maxima rule"s  and the rule also not to post more as 4 picture's in 1 posting.

 ( why is 4 the max?)

Take care




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How to resize images/pictures on the forum

Look here

Here it is explained very well.

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Iceage wrote:
( why is 4 the max?)
Because we thought you can only count up to 4! Smiling

No, serious, we decided on having a fixed number of pics posted in one post for several reasons and most of all, because of page downloads. See Fani's remark,

Fani wrote:
Also lets ask Jono how we can do the pics thread easier for people with not fast internet connections ...Maybe if we post smaller pics (fewer kbs) or less than four at every post ?? 

The size of the pics is,

  • When posting images, they should not exceed 500 x 350 pixels, and the sum of file sizes of all images in one post may not exceed 240 KB" No more than 4 images should be posted in any single message, to make it easier for other cammers to view them and to give others a chance to post images. Any message which contains more than 4 images will be deleted. To help to make the picture pages easier to navigate, any repeated images will be deleted to save bandwidth and to speed up page downloads for those with slower internet connections.

We decided on this size because it is the most commonly used size of the captured cam pics. Though the size of captured cam pics can vary from browser to browser.

If you set your capture program to the correct size window when on africam, you can click away and don't have to resize when you post. There are also other ways to resize your pics when you post.

Look at the possibilities under the little green tree (insert/edit image)

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