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Meet The Mod Squad - Gerda

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Meet The Mod Squad - Gerda



My name is GERDA.  I discovered Africam in 1999  & since then, there isn't a day that goes by without me visiting the waterholes and enjoying the sights and sounds on the cams.

I live in Belgium and work in a hotel as a receptionist. 
My interests are wildlife, birds, travelling, photography and sports.


I travelled a few times to Africa and fell in love with its wildlife. I find it fascinating to watch all the different animals roam, and interact with each other. Nature is the greatest teacher that exists Smiling

My favorite animal is the spotted hyaena and I will never forget the moment when I heard my first hyaena whooohoooping live at NK streaming cam. 
My cat, Zulu, was sleeping on my desk, when suddenly this hyaena started calling very loudly. Zulu got such a fright, he jumped up and ran off with his tail and hairs all raised. Now after a few years, he got used to the weird sounds coming out of my pc and  doesn't even lift his eyes anymore when suddenly a hyaena, baboon or a loud francolin starts calling on the cams while he is sleeping on my desk.


Talking about sounds... I absolutely love the sounds from the cams.
I started recording the sounds I heard and tried to ID them and started a sound database with mammal and bird sounds. I'm always very excited when I have a new sound to add to the database HERE

I love to meet people who share the same interest for wildlife and nature and through Africam I have made some good friends over the years.

I can truly say that Africam has changed my life.



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Great insight into an old

Great insight into an old friend, Gerda!  Miss seeing you on Facebook.

((( hugs ))) Emjay

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