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Missing Half a Trunk, or Lucky to Have Half A Trunk?

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Missing Half a Trunk, or Lucky to Have Half A Trunk?

While we’re still in the dry season and hoping for rain every day in Sabi Sands, we are enjoying a plethora of animal life. It seems this week has been yet another full of remarkable viewings. One of my favorites is the breeding herds of elephants that wander by for a drink at both Elephant Plains and Nkorho Pan.  This week we got to see the elephant that everyone looks twice at when he walks through.

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ELEPHANT PICS (picture entries #15-#18)

This guy has what appears to be about a half of a trunk. Yes, that’s right...he’s missing at least half of his trunk.  There are records and pictures scattered around of other elephants in this dilemma, resulting from crocodile bites, snares, disease or birth defects. Most manage to survive by making their own accommodations...learning how to get closer to the water to use their shorter trunk to drink and how to get down to the grasses that their trunk  would normally bring up to their mouths.  We look at them and pity them, but they have no clue they are impeded. They go on with their lives, just like all the other elephants. Nature is an amazing teacher, she challenges in many ways and a lot of those challenges are met with strength and trust. Animals that are born with impairments are taken care of by their mothers just like all the rest of the little ones, the baby will either survive or not, depending on the severity of the problem. If he survives, he will make his own way, using the tricks he learns and teaches himself along the way. So have another look at the elephant with only half a trunk, and instead of pity, smile at his strength and determination. Maybe we can all learn a little something from his outlook on life.