River Cam, Cat-EYE and Naledi cams down. We are working on solutions.

Mobile Cam

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Mobile Cam

I think Africam needs a mobile cam with which you can drive/walk around and show more animals. Of course this costs much money but why do you althogh have the flamingo cam? It could be a refresh cam so it costs less. There is so much maintenance with Flamingo Island cam. The mobile cam could have an own stream and a schedule when it is online and what is done with it like at WE.(WE schedule)

But don't understand me wrong, I love Africam and NK and EP and TE and the Forums etc. Smiling

marcel01 (not verified)
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cerinthe wrote:


Webcams can be there for a research purpose too.

I know, but research also works with refresh.. Smiling

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Hi Marcel, sometimes a webcam is more than just a cam for us to watch for our pleasure. Webcams can be there for a research purpose too.

In a article published on the Save the Flamingo website it says that flamcam is sponsored by Nedbank and hosted by Africam. Click here for the article.

Even though the cam was down for a while and due to the breeding being in full swing then, which made it unable for them to fix it then, we did see that both male and female feed the chicks. If you are on facebook, you can watch a video here, which Tania Anderson made of the season.

It does not mean that I wouldn't love to see a mobile cam. Eye-wink

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