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more african animal art

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more african animal art

Here is another african animal painting -- it is one of my "Safari Series"

that I exhibit.   LindaCarol

Danusya (not verified)
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Page not found Sad

LindaCarol (not verified)
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Oh dear, it's been awhile since I've used the computer for fun.  I'm glad you like my drawings!  I exhibit them in a friend's gallery and sell them, also do them by commission for people directly.  I always enjoy doing them. I've always been fascinated by african animals and they are fun to draw!

Iceage (not verified)
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is it just for your own personal pleasure ? ore are you selling them ?

maybe here is something for you as inspiration ( not my photoside) but i love it!


take Care


LindaCarol (not verified)
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Thanks!  I'm working on some more.  I used soft pastel (lots of layers)

for the sky and overlayed with conte stick.  I really enjoyed this project!

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I love it!  Great job!!!

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