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MSsnap settings

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MSsnap settings

I downloaded MSsnap about a month ago, love it and have been using it a lot! I came across someones post in the forums ( a moderator I think...) who captured a picture of the settings that they were using with the program and that is how I set mine up. I can't remember who posted the thread...  I had some computer problems and my settings are gone, and I can't for the life of me find that thread again. When I try to snap a pic, I get a black screen. Does anyone know the thread I am looking for or how to get rid of the black picture?

hulagirl55 (not verified)
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Do you know how to do this if you have a Mac?

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How to post pictures from the streaming cam

  • Download the program Mwsnap from
  • Install the software in your computer
  • When you start using it, you might get black images, to get rid of this, go to tools in your windows media player click, options, performance, advanced and un-tick use overlays.
  • Start snapping shots on live streaming video and save images to your pc and select jpg format for your images
    After you have saved your images you choose an image hosting site to host your pictures e.g tinypic( or any of your choice.
  • Upload the pictures through your image host.
  • Compose a new message on the boma where you want your picture to appear.
  • Copy and paste or enter the IMG link manually e.g.
  • Click the preview button to view your pictures before you submit, to check whether the pictures appears on your message.

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LadyHawk (not verified)
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Thanks Tourneyman1, that fixed the problem!

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I also had that problem and saw the answer in a thread here. The cure is to go to your media player options and remove the use of overlays. In my wmp it is in the performance tab, then video acceleration advanced button, then untick the use overlays. I hope this helps.


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