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My Flickr site - Orca Photos Pete's Pond & Nkorho screen

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My Flickr site - Orca Photos Pete's Pond & Nkorho screen


Katja & Gerda expressed an interest in Orcas, so I am posting this. Each fall I go on my version of safari to northern Vancouver Island to go whale watching.

Katja suggested it was appropriate to post a link here to my whale photos on my Flickr site

There are two sets for "OrcaLive 2006". One has just Orcas, and the other has people and places and stuff we did......I took my 12 yr old grandson along last year, and we had a grand time.

The set of screencaps that is from Petes Pond and Nkorho --- I have used Flickr to store them safely, and they are not high quality or unique, but just ones I like.

Of course, before I posted the link, I had another look at them all and sure did enjoy it.....hope you do too.


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Hi Krukab & Ingwe -

Yes, you are close - the Okanagan, but a bit more south, in Penticton. We have vineyards and wineries north to the Kelowna area and south thru Oliver & Osoyoos to the US border. I am in the middle of them all.
I go up to Pt. McNeill north of you for my OrcaWatching - and we are lucky enough to be able to visit Paul Spong & Helena Symonds at their OrcaLab research facility on Hansen Is. Did you meet little Luna up close in Gold Bay? What a sad story that turned out to be.

Ingwe, that looks like a wonderful trip - it is one that I would happily take if circumstances were right. I haven't seen a sea otter - I am not sure they are in the area where we go out. We do get humpbacks, minke whales, steller sea lions (huge things), eagles, bears. I will have to remember to ask about the otters. Glad you enjoyed the pics.

Later then.......Beryl

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Lily, thanks for posting the whale pics.

Last year in June I went to Alaska on a different type of safari for me. I saw Orca's and Humpback Whales for the first time, it was a wonderful experience. :D

Humpback Whale


Sea Otter

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if your in wine country you must live in south okanagon-

kelowna- westbank :wink:

great orca photos, i have only seen a couple and only one up close

that was - Killer Whale L98 (Luna) up at gold river on west side of vancouver island

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Great pics about your whale watching trip, I enjoyed looking at them. Good idea to post them, it's always pleasant to see what adventures other ppl enjoy.

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