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My Wedding pictures

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My Wedding pictures

I got married on the 21st of this month, the first day of summer. We got married on the beach!! It was amazing I had such a great time.


Getting married. Click link for large view.



Before getting married. Click link for large view.



Center pieces. Click link for large view.



Cheers, Sláinte, Salud. Leo (my husband's friend), Morgan (my sister), German ( also my husband's friend), Gabriel ( my husband) and Me. Click link for larger view.



My husband and me with our nephew Giovanni a.k.a Gio. Click link for large view.



Kissy Kissy Lol. Click link for large view.



Almost all of the pictures we took ended up having one of us looking at a different camera because we didn't know where to look with all of the cameras flashing. Click link for large view.



We started to get tired after all of the posing for the camera not to mention we both hadn't had anything to drink since early that afternoon. Click link for large view.



Me and my nephew Gio saying bye : )



Thank you for looking Laughing

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Joined: Feb 18 2006

SmileSmileCongrats, fairiedust, may you have as good a marriage as my Judy and I had!

You're a very beautiful young lady, if I may so, thanks for sharing your special day with us! SmileSmile

Sunbird (not verified)
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Congrats Laughing!. I hope you will be as happy as I was for my 31 years of marriage. Great photos

Faeriedust072 (not verified)
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Thanks everyone for the congratulations. Sabine- I knew I wanted it outside but the beach was a bonus my husbands mom and step dad set it up for us Laughing Gio is wonderful he will be two on the 30th of this month, but he is sooo smart already, he can speak spanish and english really well and is learning his colors and numbers in french.

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Joined: Mar 14 2006

Lovely pics Faeriedust! Thanks for posting them Smiling



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Joined: Feb 17 2006

Congratulations on your wedding, Faeriedust! Smile

Thanks a lot for sharing the pictures.

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Joined: Oct 4 2006

Beautiful pictures Faeriedust!  Married on the beach......I'm jealous.  To do it over again, a warm beach would be perfect.  You and Gabriel looked fabulous (and Gio, what a cutie)! 


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