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My addiction

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My addiction

I sit at my desk, anxiously checking the clock, watching the time pass ever so slowly, tick, tock, tick, tock. Waiting for the long workday to come to an end, so I can go home to my computer, cams, and friends. I cannot watch cams here, I also cannot talk to my Africam Friends, or watch the WE Walk. What am I missing? What could I now see? Will my friends capture images to later show me? How is he doing and what did she choose? Did she go here, and did he ever snooze? What silly things will be said later, will we see Dee? What thoughts will my dear friends share with me? My mind wanders to drives from the past. The day we saw Karula and both cubs, at last. Or the sadness when we saw Wonky, at his resting place. The loss of a dear friend, the tears on my face. The night we saw the Lion pride of 18 or so as they passed by the waterhole at nkorho. Spotlights everywhere, as they regally marched past. Each a glorious gift, from the first to the last. The night I clicked in and saw up in a tree an impala, it was dead, but how could that be? then came Karula, and both the young brothers. Their food she'd placed high, safe from all others. The frog eggs on the tree branch, hanging over the pond, the Gucks with their babies, the scops sweet song. Eagles in their nests with their precious tiny spawn, I blink my eyes and stifle a big yawn. Giant webs, by the spiders, from the trees carefully hung. The hyena are about, both adults and the young. Watch how he comes up to the jigga, I shout! As he tears off a piece and tosses it about. The mopogos, so regal,with their battle scars, The styx pride, the divas, and all of their cubs. The Eagle, the roller, the doves, and the scop. the lapwings, the owls, and the hammekkopp, The impala are rutting, what a horrible sound! For such graceful and beautiful animals to bandy around. The wildebeat amazes me, and so does the waterbuck. The egyptian goose, who is african and a duck. I learn so much each and every day that I always find it too easy to stay. The hippos, the ellies, the giraffes and rhinos too Do I clean or do I watch, whatever will i do? The dishes pile up, the floor needs a sweeping. Momma would be shocked to see my housekeeping. The trash man comes today at around noon. So I have to take the trash out real soon. I will do it, I swear, in plenty of time. For now I must watch the the sun as it climbs higher and higher in the African sky. The brown hyena just may wander by.

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hmmm...i think were all

hmmm...i think were all addicts then, maby we should go to a rehab in South Africa like the Kruger park or Sabie Sands..Tongue out with a waterwhole view ofcourse

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Addiction? What addiction?

Addiction? What addiction? Sounds perfectly reasonable to me....Wink

Lovely poem... beautifully put together. Maybe that's your addiction.... to write in rhyme?

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Good job! Sounds

Good job! Sounds familiar...but not all addictions are bad, are they?


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